Creative Brief Outline

Creative Brief Outline


1. Project Background & Objectives

What product(s) are we highlighting and why? What specific actions are we trying to drive (acquisition, checkout)? What will be our measures of success?

2. Project Requirements

How many videos are required? How long should each be? On what platforms/locations will the videos be used?

3. Creative Considerations

Through descriptions and/or examples of videos you like: What is the overall brand tone (ie. light-hearted v. serious, traditional v. rebellious)? What visual components should be included (ie. looks, props, colors)? What kind of audio (voiceover, music)?

4. Any Other Requirements or Constraints

Logos, slogans, sounds, colors, offers, or other brand elements.

5. Schedule

What is the expected cadence of production, feedback, revisions, and delivery?

6. Market & Product Context

How are our competitors attacking the same objective? What social or technological context is relevant to this initiative? How do buyers currently see the product category?

7. Audience

What characteristics of our customers should we be most aware of? What should we know about them in the context of this initiative?

8. Key Messages

What is the overall brand message? And in detail, what benefit(s) of what specific product(s) should we highlight as a way to drive action? What is the problem and how does the brand help people overcome it?


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